An Integrated Reservoir Simulation Study of Fimkasser Oil Field

  • M. Saeed Khan Jadoon
  • Abdul Hameed
  • Mian M. Akram
  • Abid Hussain Bhatti
  • Asghar Ali
  • Iftikhar Rizvi


 OGDCL in Potwar basin in 1989. It is fractured carbonate reservoir and the producing formations are Sakesar & Chorgali. After production of six year with the cumulative production of about 6.0 million barrel of oil, reservoir pressure had gone below bubble point pressure in last quarter of 1995. Due to this rapid decline in reservoir pressure, oil production declined from 3800 – 1800 bbl/day. Water flooding was started in early quarter of 1996 to arrest the production decline by pressure maintenance. With the injection of water, production of oil increased from 1800 – 3800 bbl/day. After injection of two years, water break through occurred and that resulted in decline of production from 3800 to 550 bbl/day. An integrated reservoir simulation study was undertaken to address the problem of early water breakthrough, location of trapped oil and to define new depletion strategy for the field. In this paper, methodology, construction of new reservoir model and understanding of reservoir behavior will be explained.