Geological Interpretation of Earthquakes Data of Zindapir Anticlinorium, Sulaiman Foldbelt, Pakistan

  • Muhammad Iqbal
  • Dietrich Helmcke


The present study is focused on the distribution of earthquakes occurred in the area of Zindapir Anticlinorium and its relationship with the basement of the Indo-Pakistan Plate. Such information regarding the involvement of basement in structural deformation is crucial for understanding the tectonics of an area. Review of the published data shows that in the area of the Zindapir Anticlinorium, the basement of the Indo- Pakistan Plate occurs at a depth of 10 km, whereas the current study, based on occurrence of earthquakes between 1966-1994 reveals concentration of high magnitude earthquakes at a depth of more than 30 kilometers. It suggests that the basement of the Indo- Pakistan is involved in structural deformation of Zindapir Anticlinorium and its surroundings.