Wavelets – A Computer Based Training Tool for Seismic Signal Processing

  • Khalid A. Khan
  • G. Akhtar
  • Z. Ahmed
  • Muneer A. Khan
  • A. Naveed


  During the last decade there has been an increased usage of computer based training (CBT) tools in teaching various disciplines of science and technology. The main advantage of these tools is to provide a clear understanding of the mechanics of a process, which is difficult to conceptualize, mechanical layout of a component or internal operation of equipment. This paper presents a CBT tool for teaching various concepts of digital signal processing, commonly used in seismic analysis. The tool uses seismic processing functions libraries, used in professional seismic software, to perform real computations and graphically displays the outputs at various stages of an algorithm. It is successfully used as a seismic training aid, providing a fast learning curve. This tool is freely available and can b e d o w n l o a d e d f r o m t h e w e b l i n k http://www.ktronworld.net/search.asp?q=wavelets