A New Concept Related to Structural and Tectonic Behaviour of Balochistan Basin? Pakistan and Its Implication on Hydrocarbon Prospects

  • Hilal A Raza
  • Riaz Ahmed
  • S. Manshoor Ali


   The Hydrocarbon prospects of Balochistan basin of Pakistan situated in the west of the country between longitude 61° to 66° 30”and latitude 23° to 30° are assessed on the basis of a new concept related to the structural and tectonic behaviour of the basin. So far this basin is known as a fore-arc subduction basin. According to our interpretation of the geological, geophysical and other relevant data, the Balochistan is an extracontinental subduction basin which has been subjected to plate convergence to such an extent that the arc has been destroyed by subduction and transform movements, reducing it to a non-arc basin. Thus, oil and gas pools associated with normal faults, positive flower structures, structural anticlines and stratigraphic traps may form the targets for hydrocarbon exploration in the basin.