Regional Seismic Studies in Northern Part of Kirthar Depression, Pakistan

  • G. Hildebrand,
  • Jalil Ahmad
  • Jamil Afzal


  This article is based on HDlP-BGR regional seismic studies in the northern part of the Kirthar depression. The aim of the study is to delineate the structural framework of the study area for hydrocarbon exploration. Depth maps of Base Miocene, Base Tertiary and Base Cretaceous, all related to Mean Sea Level, are included. An attempt is made to correlate, according to the seismic signature, the different Eocene limestones which are possible reservoir rocks of the investigated area. According to these studies, the Pirkoh, Habib Rahi, and the Sui Main limestones are spread all over the main parts of the mapped area. The areas of Pirkoh and Loti structures, Jacobabad High, and the Kotrum Fold are recommended for further exploration.