Tectonic and Structural Development of the Eastern Part of Kirthar Fold Belt and its Hydrocarbon Prospects

  • Riaz Ahmed
  • S. Manshoor Ali


 Some anticlinal structures located on the eastern side .of the Kirthar fold belt in Kirthar sub-basin have been evaluated for hydrocarbon prospects in the framework of regional tectonics.
The study indicates the presence of adequate source, reservoir and cap rocks within Mesozoic-Tertiary sedimentary section in the area. The structural traps under review were formed in a tectonic setting associated with left lateral convergent and divergent wrenching and foreland dipping thrust with left-lateral strike-slip component, such traps in other areas of the world have produced hydrocarbons in commercial quantities. Therefore, the area deserves another round of exploration with revised targets and in the background of this new concept of structuring