Exploration for Subtle Traps in Pakistan

  • S. H. A. Shah


 Pakistan is facing acute energy crisis. The rise in the price of oil is adversely affecting the country’s economy. Therefore, exploration of high risk subtle oil pools is now essential under the circumstances to supplement production from conventional traps. Enough data for the exploration of unconventional or subtle traps is available for the sedimentary basins of Pakistan which need proper interpretation by geologists. This data has been used for the search of areas of possible unconventional petroleum deposits in Pakistan in this paper.
An example of possible subtle accumulation of oil is cited from the mega-synclinal depressions of Punjab and Sindh. The study indicates that oil accumulation in big pools is possible on the platform side of the Punjab-Sindh monocline in the form of a belt composed upwards oflight oil, heavy oil and bitumen. A method to explore such accumulation of oil has been indicated in the paper emphasizing on their exploration along with the search for conventional pools.