Stable Carbon and Deuterium Isotope Composition of Natural Gases in Pakistan

  • Wasim Ahmad
  • Shahnaz Alam


The isotopic determination was carried out on gas samples collected from various producing oil and gas fields of Indus basin and also on seepage samples collected from Makran coastal area of Balochistan basin. The analyses were carried out at Federal Institute of Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Germany. The study was undertaken to correlate various associated gases of Potwar and gases of Sulaiman area. The results indicate that most of gases from the producing fields of Potwar are thermogenic gases and exhibit typical properties of associated gases. The gas samples from Sulaiman area are of thermogenic origin with the exception of Mari gas field which contains admixture of bacterial gas. The gas samples from Badin fields are associated thermogenic gases. The seepage samples from Makran coastal area reveal mixed origin.