Electricity Generation from Municipal Waste: A Viable and Innovative Solution for Pakistan

  • Javed Iqbal


 Generation of electricity from garbage incineration is presented as a viable option to ease Pakistan’s chronic power shortage, to conserve the scarce primary energy resources and to clean the urban environment In the process.
The technology is simple, proven and readily available. It can be easily transferred to Pakistan where the large skilled manpower base and low cost manufacturing infrastructure would make it feasible for re-export to the regional markets.
All current government incentives in the power sector are fully applicable. The required financial outlay is well within the reach of Pakistani entrepreneurs.
Small, 2-5 MW units, are recommended. These can be dedicated to major industrial complexes, industrial estates and sensitive public/defence Installations. Total power generation potential for the urban population centres is 450-500 MW.
The obvious socio-economic benefits of this multi-purpose technology can also be realised through municipalities and by such public sector institutions like the HDiP (using the CNGpilot approach) and then privatized. NGO’s dealing with environmental issues can also be involved