Characterization of Lubricating Base Oil by Chromatographic method

  • M.A. Quddus
  • Suleman Ahmed
  • S.N. Sarwar


   Today’s market trend is to make high quality, high performance lubricating 011,which Incorporates high dose of additive. This has made refiner more quality conscious of the base oil. The quality of base lubricating oil should be controlled by its generic chemical fractions In addition to physical tests. There are four chemical fractions which control the inherent (generic) properties of base oil. The four generic fractions are saturates (paraffinic and cycloparaffinlc), naphthene aromatics, polar aromatics and asphaltenes. Saturates are normally considered good as lubricating oil whereas last two mentioned fractions deteriorate the lubricating 011 properties. The present work evaluates the quality of the oil on the basis of these four generic fractions. A method, based on chromatography has been adopted for this purpose.
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