Comparison of Commercial Parameters of Imported Crude Oils with Indigenous Crude Oils

  • M.A. Quddus
  • M. Habibur Rehman
  • S.N. Sarwar


 General features, based on the physical data (commercial parameters) of the important imported and Pakistani crude oils have been evaluated.Oil fields of Pakistan are located in Indus basin which is subdivided into Northern, Central and Southern parts. The laboratory analyses indicate a large variation in characteristics of crudes from one area to another. A total of 48 crudes (7 imported and 41 indigenous) is included in the discussions. The Northern ‘Crudes and condensates are of diversified quality, ranging from high to low gravity and sulfur, high to very low pour point, aromatic or naphthenic to paraffinic nature, indicating different sources of origin. As a contrast, Southern crudes are invariably of paraffinic (waxy) character with high pour point, indicating same type of source rocks and reservoirs. All the imported crudes show uniform characteristics in physical and chemical behaviour.